For whom

Top athletes

Although everyone is welcome, the resort is specially built for the beach athlete and, in particular, beach volleyball players; Long beds, high doors, high showerhead, high toilet, etcetera, and you can train on an Olympic-sized court. But the necessities that other elite athletes, such as men’s tennis players need are also present; A strength room, physio room, good food and drinks, relaxation and sleep. During Pro Weeks, top sport is the main focus and fun is an important secondary focus. If Paris 2024 is your goal, prepare at the Cabo Verde Beach Sport Resort. You can do it however you want, with a small group, with a whole team, coaches, physio or maybe even your own cook. Or maybe just a beer on the last night?

Recreational athlete

Are you that beach athlete for whom Paris 2024 or Los Angeles 2028 have long since ceased to be a possibility, but is competing really more important than winning gold, then you too can use all the facilities. During fun weeks, sports are simply an important part of the vacation. However, you won’t come up with a sophisticated workout schedule, but you will see if you will work out, walk or lounge tomorrow.

Not an athlete at all

If you do not come at all to exercise in or outside the resort, but are doing a week on Santo Antão, then you are certainly welcome. The resort is an excellent base to go to other areas. The resort sits close to the port and is on the route towards the improbably beautiful green part of the island. You can depart daily from the resort to locations on the island. Drivers come every morning to pick up guests and bring them back in the evening. Much more fun is to tour the island and use local accommodations. Spending the night with us is ideal if you arrive by boat in the afternoon and especially if you leave by boat in the morning. You won’t have to get up very early and you’ll be sure to be on time. From some rooms you can already see the boat approaching.