Partners and practical

We work with partners in Cape Verde and Europe to make your trip and stay as easy as possible.

Beach Sport Nederland – Construction of sports fields, sports equipment supplier and promoter.
TUI – Flights to and from Mindelo via Amsterdam,
TAP – Flights to and from Mindelo via Lisbon,
Cabo Verde Specialist Specialized offer of all possible flights to and from Mindelo
Interilhas, Armas For the ferry crossing to and from Santo Antão.

Money and payment

The official currency is the Escudo. 1 CVE is almost 1 euro cent. 1 euro = 110 CVE.
You can sometimes pay with euros; then they simply charge 1 euro = 100 CVE. However, Cape Verdeans are increasingly using their 24, a kind of debit card. European debit cards often work as well, but you still can’t completely rely on them. A device gives a maximum of 180 euros. You do quite a long time with that in Cape Verde.

ATMs are plentiful. The most important ones for our guests are at the airport and in the ports of Mindelo and Porto Novo.