Cabo Verde Beach Sports Resort

A pre-Olympic training accommodation for everyone

Cabo Verde Beach Sport Resort is an accommodation for the professional beach athlete, mainly beach volleyball players and beach tennis players. Big beds, high showers, tight nets, physio room, etcetera, so you can prepare excellently for the big international tournaments. There is also room for the recreational athletes who want to enjoy sports and continue a little longer in the evening. In addition to these and other beach sports, the island of Santo Antão lends itself to a variety of other sports, such as hiking, trail running, mountain biking, climbing, abseiling and diving. It is often thought and written that it is tropical because it sounds nice, but that is simply not true. There is a very pleasant and dry Savannah climate with temperatures of almost always 23°C. About 600 meters from the resort is the beach Curraletes where you can learn diving and (body) surfing.

Sports, of course, are not mandatory; even athletes will not play sports every day at the resort. The island is breathtakingly beautiful, so it’s really a waste to stay at the resort every day. We would love to see you as a guest, but above all enjoy the beautiful scenery, the incredibly friendly people and also check out the small accommodations on the island, mostly B&Bs and small hotels.

In the evenings, of course, it’s fine. Cabo Verde is great food, great music and if you manage to resist the rhythm, dancing is not mandatory.