Calendar, availability and prices.

Overview of activities in the resort (weekly schedule)

The resort has 18 hotel rooms for 2 people and apartments for 4 people. If necessary, 1 or 2 cribs can be added. Of course you want to know if rooms are available and what it costs. However, the resort is no ordinary hotel where guests come and go. With us come couples, groups, teams, whole groups or a whole delegation. So sometimes there is already a main activity. In the schedule below, you can see on the left, what the main activity is for that week. Often all kinds of things are possible, but sometimes only one activity is possible. While booking, you will also be asked about the activity you want to do.

To the right you can see the availability of hotel rooms and apartments. H5 means that 5 hotel rooms are still available. So A6 means there are still 6 apartments available. (Rooms sometimes become available again as we work with options, allowing guests to assemble teams and/or arrange their flights. You understand that there will be some shuffling then.

On the far left, you will then see possible themes ranging from “Easter” to a world championship. These topics, especially sports, always have our attention.


So unlike other hotels, groups often come to our place because people want to exercise together. People then book a few rooms or apartments and often for several days. Our prices are also based on that. You can book 1 room for 1 night, or you can book several hotel rooms and/or apartments for a longer period. The more, the more advantageous it becomes. 3 nights 4 hotel rooms is equal to 4 nights 3 hotel rooms, i.e. 12 hotel room nights.

Calculate price

If you want to calculate the price for 1 night in a hotel room and then explore the island, enter 1 hotel room night. If you want to be sure of an apartment all winter, enter 90 apartment nights. If your association wants 18 hotel rooms for an entire week, enter 126 (18×7) hotel room nights. The longer you go, the more advantageous it becomes. And what’s totally fine; it doesn’t have to be contiguous. If you book a night on April 1 and a night on April 4, you will only pay for 2 nights.

Prices include VAT.

Price Indication

Enter the number of nights desired below….


There comes a time when you want to make reservations. This is simple if you come with your partner, but a little trickier if you organize this outing for the whole club. After all, you need to be sure that everyone is actually going, that everyone is going to pay you and that you can arrange a flight.

You need about a month to do this, and we recommend the following guideline:

  1. You are looking at an appropriate time period.
  2. You see if flights are available.
  3. You check that you are already coming to and leaving the resort on the flight dates! (See Mindelo.)
  4. You take an option on the rooms/apartments for the controlled period
  5. We block the rooms/apartments for the chosen period for 14 days.
  6. We will send a pro forma invoice and a participant form.
  7. You arrange the flights. The Cabo Verde Specialist comes highly recommended.
  8. You turn your option into a reservation.
  9. You pay 50% within 8 days and the other 50% at least 8 days before arrival.
  10. You return the participant form.

No online booking application. No, we are just people, so you can just (WhatsApp) call or email us.

Application Form

    Planned main activity *

    Period of stay
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    Number of persons *

    Callback form

    The larger the group the more questions and requests: Can I bring my guitar? Can I eat salt-free? Are there any balls? Are pets allowed? Please check FAQ or fill out the callback form with a brief description so we can prepare some things in advance.

    Cancellation and cancellation insurance

    You pay 50% during reservation and 50% before arrival. Of course, you can take out cancellation insurance, but it won’t make you happy, and eventually you’ll want to go this way sometime. As far as we are concerned, it is very simple. If something comes up, we’ll catch up later. Very simple; you just come another time. Of course that is annoying for us, but it is more annoying for other guests, because still the rule is; the more souls the more joy.

    Participant form

    After you finalize your reservation, you will receive a participant form. Several personal questions will be asked, in order to provide the participants/guests with the best possible service. Of course, you do not have to answer the questions; it is entirely at the participant’s discretion. Questions include height and weight related to mattresses and possible sports, your health, allergies, transportation and contact information for family members. Before you leave you will receive a wristband, luggage tags, a SIM card and a consumption voucher, so you can get a drink at our partner Carvoeiros after arriving in Santo Antão.